Our mission is to foster a thriving angling community in Scotland by promoting, protecting, and enhancing the sport of angling and its associated resources.

We aim to be the national body that unites, represents, and supports all anglers across Scotland, ensuring their interests and needs are met while safeguarding the sustainability of our aquatic environments. Through education, campaigning, and collaboration, we strive to inspire a love for angling, conserve our diverse fish populations, and preserve the natural beauty of Scotland’s waters for generations to come.

Angling Scotland brings all anglers together including the three Scottish Angling Governing bodies: Scottish Angling National Association, Scottish Federation of Coarse Anglers and Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers under a single organisation to provide greater opportunity and better support, protection and effective administration – for all anglers in Scotland.

Mission & Values

Angling Scotland Ltd main mission is to protect and promote sustainable fishing in Scotland.

Angling Scotland provides a platform for all anglers to connect and share information about fishing in Scotland.

Angling Scotland promote values like sustainable fishing practices, protect fish populations, and preserve Scotland’s natural environment.

Team & Board Members

We are a passionate group supporting coarse, game and sea angling.

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