Carp – Crucian

Carassius carassius / Carassius cuvieri

The Fish

Crucian Carp are the smaller relation to the Common Carp and rarely exceed 4lb. Like the common carp they are fully scaled but are easily recognisable from other carp as they do not have any barbells on their mouths, are very tubby in appearance and often appear a much brighter golden colour than common carp.

In Scotland they are confined to a few commercial Stillwater fisheries in the central belt and south west.

Fishing for Crucian Carp

Crucian carp prefer smaller baits such as maggots, casters, sweet corn, bread and small red worms. They can be very shy biters and on hard fished waters it is often necessary to fish the bait just touching bottom with a float that is dotted right down so that any movement of the bait will register.

Crucian carp can be caught on any method but, due to their shy biting habit, a waggler, or pole approach is often the most productive.