Marine Scotland has asked for our help in promoting participating a wide ranging survey into the challenges facing the Recreational Fisheries sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please share widely and encourage maximum participation.  The message states:

Dear Stakeholder,

Marine Scotland has launched surveys to understand better the challenges faced by marine businesses, including recreational fisheries businesses, as a result of Covid-19.

The surveys, which run until 12 October, ask questions about the financial and operational performance of businesses during the pandemic.

The results will be used to help provide a snapshot of the situation in marine industries and to shape future strategies and policies relating to the recovery response. I would be extremely helpful to have as many responses from the recreational sector, so I would be grateful if you could pass on this information about the survey to potential participants, including for example Fishery Boards, Trusts, Fishery Owners and Angling Clubs.

You might also want to re-tweet information about the survey

For further information or if you are having difficulties accessing the survey please email and provide your company name and email address.

The survey is accessible via the following link or button:

COVID-19 Business Survey – Recreational Fisheries 

Please help Marine Scotland with their Covid survey.

Please also share your local tackle shops or other businesses who rely heavily on angling or anglers. Gus Brindle Chairman SFCA