1.            Travel (applicable at all time). 

a.            Adults (over 18).  NO CHANGE (Stay local, no travel outside local authority area)

b.           Children (17 and under).  May travel outside local authority area for some organized sport/activity at their usual club/facility.

2.            Coaching.

a.            Adults and children 12 and over.  Organised outdoor non-contact group training sessions for a maximum of 15 people (including the coach/es).

b.         Children under 12.  Organised outdoor contact and non-contact training sessions for up to 30 children (including the coach/es).

3.            Outdoor sport and competitions.  

Young People and Adults (aged 12 years or over) can take part in non-contact organised sport including training, group exercise, aerobics, fitness classes and competition within their normal club or facility environment with up to 15 people, including coaches, at any one time.  Physical distancing should always be maintained, and travel restrictions above must be complied with.

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