Angling Scotland is committed to the Safeguarding and Protection of everyone within the sport, particulalry children and vulnerable groups.  Part of this is developing and publishing clear polices and procedures to ensure that everyone in the sport is aware of the standards of conduct and behaviour expects and, most importantly, what to do and who to contact if they have a concern or are themselves the victim of bullying or harrassment.  

The NEW Angling Scotland Anti-Bullying Policy has been published and is now available by clicking this link  ‘ASP015-Anti-Bullying-Policy’

We are currenlty working to develop more easily accessible resorces to aid communication of our Policies and Procedures to young people.

All of the new policies and procedures to ensure the Safeguarding and Welbeing of Children and Vulnerable Adults within Scottish Angling can be found here ‘Child-Protection-and Wellbeing’

All ADBoS licensed coaches are required to read and comply with these policies and to bring them to the attention of schools, groups, parents, guardians, carers and the young people or vulnerable adults that they coach. 

All parents, guardians, carers and young people invoved in angling are strongly encouraged to read them so that they understand their rights and responsibilities and who they can go to if they have any concerns.