Meet Ben Muir, an avid carp angler hailing from Glasgow, whose passion for the art of fishing has led him on an incredible journey through the scenic landscapes of Scotland. In this captivating video, Ben takes us back in time as he recounts his carp fishing history and adventures, culminating in his pursuit of elusive, uncaptured 40lb-plus carp at the enchanting Castle Loch in Scotland.

Exploring Hogganfield Loch:

At the outset of the video, Ben shares his early experiences of fishing at Hogganfield Loch in the East end of Glasgow. He fondly recalls the thrill of stalking fish in this picturesque location, but also acknowledges the challenges he faced, including the unfortunate theft of his fishing rods – a testament to the city’s character.

Conquering the Forth and Clyde Canal:

Ben explains his carpy journey in Scotland moving to the Forth and Clyde Canal, where he embarked on a mission to conquer its 36 miles of water. He explains how he scouted urban stretches of the canal and shares with us that early stocking efforts in certain areas acted as a compass for him. Ben’s keen eye for details, such as identifying features, wider areas, and sunny spots, led him to a wide section of the canal with lily beds and greater depth. With dedication and meticulous prebaiting using particle baits, Ben’s efforts paid off. 

Setting Records by Partick Thistle Football Ground:

Following his successful canal exploits in September, Ben shifted his focus to baiting heavily. His determination led to the capture of a 34lb and a quarter pound fish, near the Partick Thistle football ground, marking a Scottish record and surpassing the previous record by more than 5lb.

Castle Loch: The Quest Continues:

Yearning for a quieter fishing experience, and having conquered the canals. Ben turned his attention to Castle Loch, which had been stocked with carp in the 1980s. However, uncertainty lingered over whether otters had depleted the carp population. Undeterred, he ventured to the 200-acre Castle Loch, ready to make history once again. The challenge here lay in converting natural bait sources into effective carp bait. Ben’s initial triumph at Castle Loch came in the form of a 24lb carp. He later achieved an astonishing milestone by landing a carp weighing over 45lb, which remains the Scottish Record to this day. His unwavering determination is fuelled by the belief that another colossal 40lb-plus fish awaits in the depths of the Loch.

Still to be caught

Ben is sure that unknown fish still live in Castle Loch and he wants to prove they do. His dedication and passion have not only set records but have also left him with the thrilling knowledge that there are still uncaptured fish lurking beneath the serene waters of Castle Loch. Join him on this remarkable journey of discovery and anticipation as he continues to chase legends and uncover the secrets of Scotland’s elusive carp.